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Onewheel in 3D-motion design. Part 2. Not a spam)

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Guys, hello everyone again!

I recently wrote a post about Onewheel, and that I am currently working on an animation video. Don't think of it as spam, I'm just trying to reproduce my thoughts and experiences on digital paper in order to at least somehow share with fellow thinkers and streamline my thoughts.

I have been working on the video for about 3 weeks now, the concept has been developed - this is a video showing us Onewheel from all sides, from all kinds of angles. I was inspired by some of my works with Behance, you know, when you look at something beautiful and you yourself have a desire to create and create.

The process of working on a video is quite a time consuming and the most valuable resource is time. But since I study 3D motion, I combine business with pleasure and study this area right away at work. I already have almost finished drafts of my work and I will definitely attach it when it is finished. I do not promise a Hollywood blockbuster for 12 out of 12, but I guarantee that at least it will not be a shame to show people.

Let's talk a little about this area. What is it, the second wind of the dying 2D Flat animation, or is it absolutely new and unique? So what is 3D Motion Design and VFX? For the consumer, there is no difference.


VFX -Visual Effects (visual effects) - this is a combination with the help of a computer video recorded on the camera (Live Action Footage) with objects created in computer programs (CGI), produced in the process of editing a film or clip. The main distinguishing feature of VFX is getting the result only at the stage of post-production (editing).

The use of visual effects in advertising has allowed companies to promote their product presentation. And this is an important aspect for any marketing campaign. From enhancing details and aesthetics that contribute to a more beautiful picture, to enhancing dramatic moments and increasing the overall effect of rendering.

3D Motion Design - animation graphics, or motion graphics - is a visual design that brings a static image to life. The Internet, media and advertising, television, movies, mobile applications, video games - none of these areas can do without it. Animated graphics need to be distinguished from regular video and conventional animation. Motion graphics are not a cartoon; they illustrate data or ideas, rather than reveal a full-fledged plot.

Due to their ability to visual encapsulation, extremely complex 3D videos stand out from the crowd of ordinary and mediocre, offering the consumer a unique visual experience, incomparable with anything else.

In the process in researching OneWheel communities, I saw some key points of Onewheel's reliability and convenience.The use of Onewheel is recommended for adults and children over 13 years old, but you can learn how to operate this miracle skate in 5 minutes. In order to start moving, it is enough to lean forward a little, in order to slow down - back, that's all the specifics of the control. The developers claim that Onewheel can do tricks that cannot be done on a regular skateboard.


Despite all the advantages of a unicycle, you need to move on it taking into account safety measures, at least wear a helmet. The “smart design” will keep you safe at high speeds, and little by little the skate tilts backward to slow down. Onewheel is equipped with a backlight, it not only serves to attract attention, but it can also be used to assess the battery charge level. The advantage is that when the battery is completely discharged, the skateboard will not stop abruptly, but the speed gradually decreases until it stops completely, this is done for your own safety. The skateboard is very stable since a special balancing system is introduced.

This is a great thing for everyday use and I just could not get past this topic while creating a video. After a while I will post my finished work here, if you don't mind.

Very soon 3D motion will be waiting for us everywhere and believe me, you will only be glad of it. It is as inevitable as the imminent arrival of the reapers(joke) Humanity is evolving, both technically and creatively, especially if we consider that science is systematized creativity of a technical direction. Beautiful pictures for inspiration. Thank you for your attention and have a nice day)

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