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Friends, hello everyone!

Our wonderful world is changing more and more every minute. It has already become difficult to distinguish photorealistic motion from real photography, and technology continues to step forward even faster. According to Moore's law, a bright future should await us very soon in the form of travel to other planets, if not to other dimensions. And the most difficult thing is to realize that it all started with 10 simple Arabic numbers somewhere in Asia. I have prepared a short article for you about the evolution of human thought and the creation of unprecedented technologies from mud and sticks. So, let's begin.

Today I got here for a reason - I am the happy newbie owner and user of a Pinta OneWheel, who has been looking for the same thinkers and thematic communities for a very long time on this wonderful thing. This thing is really as brilliant as it is conceptually (but not practically) simple - just a board with just an electric motor. But when riding it, a lot of muscle groups are involved, and even a simple trip for bread will cost us the calories burned and the adrenaline released from the breeze whistling behind our ears.

As a newcomer to your community, first of all I want to introduce myself, my name is Max, I am a motion designer and now also a onewheel'er. And this is not spam, just one trip to OneWheel inspired me to create a 3D motion video about this wonderful thing. I created a storyboard, thought out the concept and now I am working on its implementation. I hope that I will soon be able to share with you the same emotions that I feel. In the meantime, I would just like to say thank you to the developers and to you, friends, who have read to this line.


A worthy replacement for an electric scooter, isn't it? Arriving home after the trip, the first thing I did was find your forum and got acquainted with what you live, realized what you might be missing and even asked a couple of questions to active users in thematic communities in order to better study the audience and its needs. Now I am creating a video taking into account these requirements and this article is my mark in the history of OneWheel)

I just wanted to tell you a little about motion design and the implementation of my idea, maybe someone of you, readers, will be inspired by motion the same as I)

First of all, what is motion design? The name, first of all, sounds pleasant and arouses a certain interest in the study of the unknown term. Motion as such an offshoot of the market was invented quite recently when news plates with charts and advertising screensavers turned into something more, you can draw an analogy with Andersen's Ugly Duckling. And now this something more for a long time, if not forever, has occupied a huge niche in the artistic and aesthetic history of the current generation of mankind.

As soon as a static frame starts to move, it becomes a graphic animation or an animated picture, but this is not a motion design yet. But when the image comes to life and additional meaning appears, then we are talking about motion design.


The product of motion design is a video story told in time. Creating such, even a very short video, is a time consuming and costly task.

Each amazing 3D motion-design project will consist of previsualization, blocking, animation, lighting and texturing, compositing and corresponding powerful sound design.

Motion graphics combine video, audio, and text into a single animation plot. Three channels of information transmission are used simultaneously - image, sound, text. Together, they have a stronger effect on the emotional perception of the viewer: the text attracts attention, and the sound and graphics are imprinted in the memory in a vivid way. The main task of motion graphics is to attract and retain attention while informing users as much as possible about the product.

Video content is gradually replacing all other types of content. It's easier to watch a tutorial video than to read a manual. Movement is more interesting than static, it fascinates and addicts. They try to use videos in presentations, reports, lessons, guides for working with services.

Motion design is, first of all, magic in motion, and you are a wizard with a magic wand. Harry Potter also did not immediately cope with his wand with a phoenix feather - but after a while, you will be able to master this profession. The main desire and perseverance.

There are two main types of motion - 2D, 3D, and isometric.

Besides attracting attention, motion design affects our emotions; it is actually a biological response. Through the phenomenon of emotional contagion, we immediately empathize and reflect the emotions of the experiences we see on the screen.

When you tell emotional stories, motion design gives you many tools to help you communicate. Melancholic music, powerful voice-overs and stunning visuals can work together to create an impressive story.

Now that social and media platforms support video, you can distribute your motion design in many places and in many ways, helping to extend the campaign lifecycle. You can split the video into parts to create content tailored for specific groups.

I hope I have inspired you at least a little with my words. It's just my thoughts regarding this things, no more. Thanks for your attention!


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