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  2. Hello. I have already written on this topic. I want to share with you my progress and my emotions. I am making a fan animation 3d video for onewheel. I am very glad I started this. In such creative projects, I can do what I want and implement my ideas. At this stage, I have already inserted 3D models into my video and decided on the colors. Also, now I work a lot with the footage to insert my animation into it in the future. I like what comes out and I hope you all will like it when everything is ready. Thanks for your support. It motivates me a lot.
  3. Hi guys. I want to share with you my emotions and joy from everything that I do. I am a motion designer and am currently working on a fan animation video for Onewheel. I have been a big fan of them ever since I saw Onewheel in Casey Neistat's youtube video many years ago. Then I was just delighted. And now I want to do something for them and for you. Now the whole process is still at an early stage, but you can already see approximately how everything will be. I'm really looking forward to something really cool. I have already posted a post about this and I am very pleased with your support an
  4. Hello everyone. My name is Nikolay and I am a 3D motion designer. I am a fan of Onewheel and also want to make an animation video for them. If you answer a couple of questions, you will help me a lot. Would you be interested in such a video? What are your Onewheel model and what color? If you need to describe Onewheel in one word, how would you do it? What do you like to do in your free time besides riding the Onewheel?
  5. Video in developing progress, estimated date of creation - January-February 2021. I'll definitely send you the video when it will be done)
  6. Have you completed the video? Would love to take a look.
  7. Nice work this is awesome and welcome to the boards!
  8. Guys, hello everyone again! I recently wrote a post about Onewheel, and that I am currently working on an animation video. Don't think of it as spam, I'm just trying to reproduce my thoughts and experiences on digital paper in order to at least somehow share with fellow thinkers and streamline my thoughts. I have been working on the video for about 3 weeks now, the concept has been developed - this is a video showing us Onewheel from all sides, from all kinds of angles. I was inspired by some of my works with Behance, you know, when you look at something beautiful and you yourself ha
  9. Friends, hello everyone! Our wonderful world is changing more and more every minute. It has already become difficult to distinguish photorealistic motion from real photography, and technology continues to step forward even faster. According to Moore's law, a bright future should await us very soon in the form of travel to other planets, if not to other dimensions. And the most difficult thing is to realize that it all started with 10 simple Arabic numbers somewhere in Asia. I have prepared a short article for you about the evolution of human thought and the creation of unprecedented techn
  10. Ah yeah. Hoping to get a Onewheel XR during the black friday sale (hoping they have one!).
  11. With the launch of our new community, each month we will be running a contest here on the OneWheel Marketplace Community. You post content and we'll give you free OneWheel accessories 🙂 As we continue to grow so will the prize funds, so keep checking back! You must post in this thread to join the contest. StartDate: 10-01-2020 EndDate: 11-01-2020 @ 12AM CST Rules: 1. You must reply to this topic to join the contest. 2. Post quality content related to OneWheels 3. Minimum of 25 posts during the contest period to qualify 4. Don't worry, site admins and mod
  12. This one closed out without any winners, October's starting next.
  13. Wtf is all this stuff? Saw this picture online:
  14. Ordered this one for my OneWheel to check the tire pressure, the angle is perfect and works great. What do you guys use? Longacre Econo Digital Tire Gauge
  15. Has anyone found a good remote charging solution for your OneWheel? This one seems like a high end one that would do the job. Chafon Portable Generator
  16. Pretty cool video from https://www.instagram.com/bodhiharrison/ OneWheel Spin on Dirt.mp4
  17. This one will wrap up on 9/30. No entries yet, new contest will begin 10/1 for the October contest and free OneWheel accessories.
  18. Messing around on the OneWheel XR in the office parking lot. Filmed on DJI Mavic Pro 2.
  19. Cool pictures of rock riding on the OneWheel:
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